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Stories from Cosmetology Class

ServeNow is passionate about providing alternative hope for women at risk of human trafficking or turning to prostitution. Human trafficking is one of the great evils of our time and a booming industry. Sadly, in countries such as India, women have very little value and not much hope for the future. It is not uncommon for parents in challenging financial situations to sell their daughters in order to provide an education for their sons who are seen as having more value. Therefore, providing a skill such as tailoring or cosmetology is a way to provide both value and hope, and thus a future.

Right now, ServeNow has several tailoring classes in session in India and Nepal. A bakery has also just opened in Ukraine to teach risk girls at risk (and refugee girls) baking skills. Lastly, two cosmetology classes are in session in India. Today’s blog article deals with stories from one of those classes. The students have been eager to show our staff what they have learned so far. They all seem very excited and enthusiastic!

Manisha, who comes from a troubled family and who has an alcoholic father, said: “I am happy to say that this cosmetology training is really a blessing to me. I learned many different skills in this course, like cutting and styling hair, doing facials, eyebrow shaping etc. This course is not only a physical blessing to me, but also a spiritual blessing. Recently, I have started to attend church, and I also learned how to pray and how to be a witness to others. Thanks to ServeNow!


Sangeetha, who is the eldest daughter of the family and who had to drop out of school due to financial limitations, said: “I have learned many things in this course and I have also grown in my faith. I can see that this training is very helpful for my life. I am confident that after the completion of this course, I can start my own business and train others. This will cover my financial needs and it will help me to continue my studies. Thanks to ServeNow!


*Jasmine (name changed) came to the realization in her early years that she was born as what is now called “intersex” (possessing both male and female chromosomes etc.) and this embarrassed her. Her family was not supportive, and the society around her despised her and laughed at her. When she couldn’t take all the abuse any longer, she left her home. For many years, she managed to survive by begging on street corners and at train stations. Jasmine has come to know the Lord through a local pastor, who works among others in similar situations. When she heard about Christ, Jasmine was amazed to know that Jesus loves everyone, even someone like her, someone rejected by the world. When Jasmine heard about ServeNow’s cosmetology school for people just like her, her gladness knew no bounds. Immediately, she visited the center and expressed her desire to get enrolled. She said,” This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I would never be able to afford such a course to acquire these skills, and even if I was able to afford it, no one would be willing to teach people like me. I thank ServeNow for this wonderful opportunity.”


You can check out more here about ServeNow’s Anti-Trafficking measures. If you would like to make a gift to provide more women with hope, value, protection and a future click here.

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