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Ruth and Teresia’s Story of Hope

Ruth isn’t just another infamous Bible Character or Old Testament story. It’s an impactful story about perseverance and loyalty to God! And even today, there are modern-day Ruth’s persevering. You’re invited to read about a similar story of hope restored!

Several years ago, our team met Ruth—a bright, gifted young girl who lives in the slums of Kenya and dreams of escaping poverty. With an alcoholic father, Ruth’s mother struggled to provide as the sole breadwinner. Accessing quality education seemed impossible, and hope vanquished. Despite the challenges, Ruth and her mother remained faithfully loyal to God. That’s when ServeNow stepped in!

Through the Educating for Eternity pillar, ServeNow empowered Ruth by covering her entire school fees and even helped her mother, Teresia, through Micro-Enterprise. Unfortunately, Teresia’s successful shop was demolished because it was in a road reserve area. With this, life became very tough. Despite facing numerous challenges, they remained steadfast in loyalty to God and determined to escape poverty.

When our local team found out, we decided to help Teresia rebuild her shop. It’s because of God and through believers like you that Ruth and Teresia continue to remain hopeful for the future. To date, Ruth stands at the top of her class and dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer. In her spare time, Ruth spends hours memorizing Scripture—chapters word for word.

Ruth and Teresia’s story is truly inspiring! Ruth testified how she’s forever grateful to ServeNow for making her dreams come true. Ruth and Teresia’s story is a reminder that with God and your generosity, anyone can overcome adversity and achieve Jesus’ hopeful future.

If you’re interested in serving more vulnerable children and women like Ruth and Teresia, check out our Educating for Eternity pillar and give a gift today. Through a generous gift, you can root for other vulnerable people like Ruth and Teresia!

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