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Sweet Stories from Vacation Bible School in Asia

Vacation Bible School programs are in full swing in Southeast Asia! Last week ServeNow teams conducted three children’s summer camps and medical clinics in three churches serving nearly 400 children from tribal and non-tribal areas.


Pastor Amit shared with us that it was his heart’s desire to conduct a camp like this for the children in his community. He is happy to have that dream fulfilled and to see the children experience the richness of Jesus’ love in the camp, especially those from other backgrounds. “I am happy to see them excited and participating in all of the activities. It’s a unique opportunity and blessing to conduct the free health check-ups and distribute medicine. The children are from various locations and backgrounds and would not have had the opportunity to come together, to enjoy and learn about God if it were not for ServeNow’s initiative!”

One youth shared the following, I have come to the children’s camp with my friend and I am enjoying it very much. I have started coming the church and Sunday schools just recently. I like everything about this camp specially this book with pictures to paint and the Bible. The activity book tells us so much about God and Jesus. Other children who don’t know about Jesus can learn from this book too. Thank you for this gift.

Another pastor shared: “It is our pleasure to host a ServeNow VBS at my church. The books and colorful materials have helped the children visualize the stories they have been hearing about at Sunday school. I hope that they will also be able to share the story of Jesus with others through these materials. Thank you for coming and encouraging us through the camps and literature. I believe that seeds have been planted in the children’s hearts and many of them will work for the Lord in the future.”

Roshni was one of the children at the camp. For her, this camp was an eye-opener that Jesus loves her personally and died for her. She shares, “I enjoyed attending VBS camp at church. The activity book is wonderful, and I loved my new Treasure Hunt Bible (provided through Biblica).. I now understand that Jesus personally loves each child including me.”


Subash is a young boy who hopes that he will get an opportunity to attend camp next year. He said, “I am having a great time with my new friends and teachers. The food is wonderful, and the activities are fun. I received my first colorful English Bible. I enjoyed the activities in the book “God’s Love for You.” I hope I will get an opportunity to attend a ServeNow camp again next year. Thank you all.”


Shivani & Sandhya, two friends, also attended VBS. They shared, “This is the first time that we have attended a camp like this and we had a lot of fun. We enjoyed the lessons, the colorful books and especially the new Bibles. Though our parents don’t know that we are attending a Christian camp, we are enjoying it very much, as we are learning more about the Bible and we are making new friends.

A girl from another village related, “My Name is Devika, I’m a high school student and I like this camp. I’ve had a chance to draw, dance, and sing action songs. I am happy because I have come here to worship, and praise God and I can spend the day with the Lord and my friends.

ServeNow organized medical camps along with all of the VBS programs. The medical team conducted health checkups for the children who had been sick and some of the elderly in the community for whom medical attention is scarce.

Sarita walked over 12 miles to the VBS camp from one of the remotest tribal villages in her district. For teenagers like her, the families do not bother providing them with medical attention when they are sick with common ailments like the flu or fever. They are forced to continue to do household chores which makes them weak. Sarita shares, “I had been feeling weak for the past month when I caught the flu. I haven’t been able to rest or get any medicine since my family couldn’t take me to the doctor 15 miles away. The medical camp at the VBS was a pleasant surprise for me and the free medicine I received will do me good. I enjoyed spending time at the camp and it was a fun break from my daily household chores. Thank You ServeNow.”


At the camps, the children also enjoyed the food, coloring activities and prayer time. For many of them this was a once in a lifetime experience and for some even the first time they had heard about Jesus. They all went home with a Bible in hand.

Thank you for helping bring joy to children around the world and introducing God’s love to them. Your prayer and support are what make all these wonderful stories possible! To donate today click here: Where Most Needed.


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