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Tailoring Students in Nepal Making Progress!

It has now been one month since a group of 29 women in Western Nepal began their six month tailoring program! This is a very big deal in countries like Nepal, especially in rural areas, which are hubs of human trafficking. In fact, Nepal is one of the biggest “source countries” in the world, especially for India. “NGOs estimate that 10,000 to 15,000 Nepali women and girls are trafficked to India annually, while 7,500 children are trafficked domestically for commercial sexual exploitation.” ( Many young Nepali girls are trafficked because it is believed that a virgin can cure someone with HIV. Nepali girls are also in high demand due to being considered more beautiful because of their lighter skin. Parents in impoverished situations are tempted to sell their daughters who hold little to no value to begin with culturally. Others are duped by traffickers offering them a “good job.”

ServeNow is dedicated to provide life skill training for those at risk. This will combat very effectively the exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable women and young girls. Providing a skill adds value to a girl’s life and empowers them to be able to make a decent living. Along with our skill training we provide awareness teaching in regard to the “tricks of traffickers” and what to watch out for.

Our National Director in Nepal (Arjun) has a deep passion and compassion to help young girls and women at risk, and they are eager to have this kind of opportunity. In fact, just recently Arjun shared the following: “Participants of the sewing training are very excited to learn how to sew clothing items. By now they have learned how to sew more than eight items and they are very happy with this. One of the participants, Durga, said, “I had a great wish to learn how to cut and sew, but due to several reasons, I was unable to do so. When I heard about ServeNow Nepal and their desire to help vulnerable people like me, I was more than happy to receive this invaluable training opportunity. At first it was not easy to learn, but now I have gained the confidence to sew. I found that this organization is very committed to uplift the lives of vulnerable people in their communities, and they wholeheartedly serve people in need. I wish for the expansion of this organization to many other places where people are in need. This kind of training helps people like me have an income.”


We share Durga’s concern and desire to serve as many as possible. But we need your help! Would you consider a gift of $378 to provide training for one girl for the six month training period? Or perhaps you would like to donate $3,780, which would cover the cost of 10 girls in training! You could also simply give $63 for one month of training for one girl. Needless to say, any gift of any amount would be a huge help to the girls! Lastly, it is our goal to give each girl who graduates their very own sewing machine. This would help them set up their own business. If you wish to help with that; one sewing machine costs $185. If you are interested, you can give here: Provide hope to those at risk.

Please continue to pray for these women, not only for learning the art of sewing, but also for changed lives and hope for their future!

Check out more stories and information on: Anti-Trafficking. Follow us on Facebook as we will continue to post pictures and updates! ServeNow Facebook

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