This is what I’ve been praying for!

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The Basic Series equips indigenous pastors and new believers with a series of 31 booklets of basic biblical concepts in easy-to-understand language. It covers critical tenants of Christian faith from Jesus to Reading and Studying the Bible. Every three months a new believer will receive a new booklet, creating a solid biblical foundation for their Christian faith.

The book taught me how to pray during times of uncertainty for the future. It is highly relevant.”

–Janak, pastor in Southeast Asia

You can meaningfully impact the most vulnerable lives in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East with a gift of resources to build a solid foundation for their new Christian faith.

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And, as our special thanks, we’ll send a free copy of “The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus” to encourage your faith and service to serve like Jesus. We know you’ll find encouragement and spiritual enrichment through this discipleship tool.

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And, if your gift is received before December 31, 2021, your gift will be doubled through a matching grant offered by another generous donor who also cares about equipping the global Church.

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The Church is growing rapidly, but lacks discipleship resources.

A gift of $45 provides 30 copies for a pastor and his church.

The Basic Series equips pastors and new believers.

The church is growing rapidly amidst persecution, Covid-19, and lack of many resources we take for granted in the West. Many are coming to faith.  But few have access to good biblical discipleship resources.

With your gift of $45, we’ll send 30 copies of one title for a pastor and his church to be encouraged and equipped for ministry. That’s just $1.50 each!

I have been in ministry a long time in Tanzania. I have many books on my bookshelf. But the Basic Series tools and training are different than anything else. This is what I have been praying to come to Tanzania! Where have you been all these years?”

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The Basic Series – Equipping pastors and believers around the world!