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The Basic Series: Goma’s Story

Meet Goma! For the past 25 years, Goma has faithfully followed Christ. Growing up in rural Nepal, Goma never had access to education. As a result, she was unable to read or write, unfortunately. Despite the challenges she faced, Goma remained determined and persevered. Over the last few years, she gradually learned to recognize letters and read to some extent.

As a Christian non-profit organization, ServeNow intentionally created The Basic Series books ten years ago to disciple people with or without a formal education. “While I struggle with complex and bulky books, I found The Basic Series books to be easy to understand. Hence, incredibly valuable for people like me,” explained Goma.

Ultimately, our team and partners desired for people to better understand God’s Word. In ServeNow’s first decade, The Basic Series books have been instrumental in helping pastors, new believers, and those not yet reached to grow in their faith. These small 32-page books are available in 57 language translations, covering 32 biblical topics. Goma shared, “I believe that by reading these books, I have learned many new things about key biblical concepts. I also gained the knowledge that I can share with others.

We’re proud to partner with national churches and leaders, who go and make disciples of all nations. Through The Basic Series and various other programs, you and ServeNow bless people like Goma. She conveyed, “This is such an incredible blessing for someone like me who never went to school. Thanks to the Lord and ServeNow Nepal for providing me with these books.

You can fill a spiritual gap for more people like Goma today! Thanks to a generous Matching Grant, every dollar given to The Basic Series will be DOUBLED until the match is met in full. Thus, providing twice as many copies of discipleship material.

For just $1.50, we can reach a pastor, new believer, or those not yet reached with a Basic Series book. That means every $1.50 you invest will provide 2 books instead of just one! Join us in making a difference in people’s lives and stand in the gap by supporting The Basic Series today.

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