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The Basic Series Impacts Lives

We are so thankful that The Basic Series booklets are a blessing to many people around the world, often in rural/remote areas and in areas where new believers have no access to Christian materials!

For those of you who may not know much about The Basic Series, it is made up of 30 booklets, 32 pages in each booklet, and it deals with basic biblical concepts, written in an easy to understand form for people who have had no theological training or even read any Christian books. Currently, 200,000 copies are in print in 4 major countries, and more are being added this year. The plan and program is that every believer in the churches we are partnering with, is receiving one new booklet every three months, for up to 7 years, creating an enormous basic knowledge about the Christian faith. The booklets are currently used in English, Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Nepali (for Nepal), Nepali (for India), Odhya, Bengali, Telugu, Ukrainian, Russian, Luganda, and Arabic, a total of 13 languages. These books are also available for purchase and use here in the US or for other ministries. We believe they are equally as needed and could potentially have as much impact “here” as “there!” Visit our product page of our website for options: Basic Series Booklets.

We would like to share some recent stories/testimonies with you:

  • India: One pastor said: Many pastors and their congregations have been blessed by these booklets. Some pastors testify, few may not be able to testify openly, but regardless of the circumstances, every booklet has a very positive impact on the pastors, lay preachers, youths and new believers. Some need the booklets for their own spiritual growth, while others use the booklets to teach the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ to new Christians. We are blessed to be part of the learning. Thank you, ServeNow.

India - Delhi Church

  • Uganda: This past week, we have been able to visit several schools. One of the pastors, who works with The Basic Series program, has been teaching the students from The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus. He taught them how they should behave in school and at home by following Jesus’ example. One of the schools he visited has an Islam foundation and the majority of the students are Muslims, yet through The Basic Series, many of the students have given their lives to Jesus!

Uganda 11  Uganda 12

  • North-Bengal/India: *Sammy and his wife are attending Word for the World Fellowship. Sammy is very impressed by The Basic Series booklets. He said that he used to feel awkward and shy to serve people and to work for them. He also had a proud heart. Yet, after reading The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus, he realized that the King of Kings himself came to serve and not to be served. So, now he has a serving heart, and he helps others without feeling awkward.

Sameer subba

  • Uganda: Neema Eva, a high school student in her senior year, shared her testimony: When I read the message in this book, I realized the full authority in the name of Jesus. I now experience the power it has, and that whenever I call upon his name, my prayers are answered. I have been able to help my fellow students at school, especially the sick and demon possessed, by using the name of Jesus. This has given me an identity in Jesus at school. Through the book, I have also learned to seek Jesus so that I remain in a close relationship with him. As a result, I have been able to understand Jesus better. In turn, I teach my fellow students what I learned through The Basic Series. May God bless the author for such inspiring revelations.

Uganda 8

  • Nepal (by one of our coordinators): I introduced The Basic Series to one of the churches where I visited and where I preached God’s Word. After the fellowship, one of the believers, (pictured below), came to me and shared his testimony. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior last year while his son was on his last breath. His son was in ICU for a month, and even though they had consulted a witchcraft doctor, the son’s condition only worsened. Later, he heard about the Good News of Jesus; someone prayed for his son, and his son recovered! Now, his son is back in school and studying in 8th grade. While I shared about The Basic Series with him, he got so excited, and he believes that this booklet will help him deepen his knowledge of God, equip him for God’s mission and share the Good News with others.

Nepal - Basic Series_Narayan

  • Andhra Pradesh/India: Pastor V.  is one of the senior pastors working in the remote villages of Andhra Pradesh; he has a vision to evangelize the unreached communities. He shares: The Basic Series are, without a doubt, life-transforming tools for pastors. Just as a soldier needs to be equipped with weapons for war, I think it’s important that every pastor is equipped with these booklets as they attempt to win souls for the Lord. He also shares: The other day, my granddaughter, who is in primary school, carried a copy of The Secret of True Life to her school. Her teacher saw the booklet, looked through it and wanted to know more. She contacted the pastor to find out more about the things that were written in the book, and she also wanted a few copies to share with her other students, despite the fact that the school has very little tolerance for religious activities.

India 5

  • Uganda: In Buseke Worship Center, members were studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Prayer. One lady said: I used the message in this book, especially the one of creating family altars, to teach my children to pray. We created a family altar where I give opportunity to each member of the family to lead. I have noticed a tremendous change in the lives of my children.

Uganda - Kijukizo 1 copy 1

  • Nepal: Ms. Jimo, one of the senior theological students, said: After reading the booklet on The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible, I realized that I was a part of a worldwide community and not just confined to a small circle of believers. I had never thought about it before. This booklet changed my perspective about the Church. It has encouraged me to take up the challenge to evangelize the unreached like never before.

India - Ms. Jimo

We are in need of more partners who would like to be a part of seeing more lives transformed and the Great Commission (of making disciples) fulfilled! If you would like to be a part of this exciting program consider a generous donation to help us continue printing these books and getting them to the people who need them most (click here to Donate to this Program)! Every $10 equips one person with the first four books in the series or every $250-500 equips a whole church for one year!

Or if you would like to take on an entire print run (3,000 books) coming up for one language group, contact us for more information! You could also share this vision and program with your church/pastor or order some copies for your own church, youth group, small group or home group.

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