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The Basic Series is Changing Lives!

At the heart and core of all that ServeNow does, is equipping believers in need around the world with basic discipleship resources in their own language and in a simple way that anyone at any level can understand. Twenty-five percent of the world still lacks Bibles in their own language, let alone basic discipleship resources. Yet, many believers world-wide are so hungry for (and in need of) God’s Word and basic teaching/training. When we began to write this series of thirty books, we never could have imagined how great an impact it would really have on people’s lives and on churches world-wide. Week after week, we continue to stand amazed by the stories that we receive regarding the impact these booklets are having. Below are some highlights just from the past couple of weeks!

The Basic Things - Jesus The Basic Things - Reading & Studying The Basic Things - Salvation The Basic Things - Prayer


One of the recipients of the Basic Series, said: I was privileged to receive the Basic Series, and I am currently studying The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation. It helps me greatly with my spiritual growth. These booklets are simple yet they are a very powerful tool to equip people like me, who only have a basic understanding of Jesus, reading and studying the Bible and salvation. I can now freely share about Jesus and the meaning of salvation with friends and family. Thank you ServeNow for helping me to understand the values of spiritual life.


Sunita, one of the young recipients of the Story of Jesus, said: I had the opportunity to go through the Story of Jesus, and I am very impressed how this small booklet tells all about creation, salvation, and Jesus’ life and ministry on Earth. The booklet touches me, and it draws me closer to my savior. Thank you so much for providing this book to many children like me. I am also going to share the Story of Jesus with my friends at school. It is such a powerful tool to share the Gospel with the help of an illustrative book.



Last week, we received updates from the Christian school in Kharkov. Four months ago, they received the first four books of the Basic Series in Russian. The teachers use these booklets as the basic material for the school’s Bible lessons.

The Basic Series Ukraine

This is Eve; she comes from a large family of five children. She said: These books are very encouraging to read, and they are even easy to understand for children. Eva reads a little bit every day, because: I want to learn more about what the Bible says. She also desires to share her faith with others. She is eagerly waiting for new books from the Basic Series to arrive.


This is Mark; it is his dream to become a pastor. He loves to read the Bible and any literature that helps him understand the Bible better. He enjoys reading the Basic Series books, because the content sheds light on very basic aspects of our faith; things you might not always hear in church. Mark said: I really like the books about salvation and prayer, and I am looking forward to the next books.



I am so excited to share that the scripture programs (the Basic Series and the Story of Jesus) are currently being spread all over India on a massive scale. During the month of February, 2,000 people in 18 new churches were reached with the Basic Series, and we had 33 follow-up meetings. I appreciate all the hard work of the ServeNow Ambassadors and staff!

Pastor *Mark, whose congregation received the books recently, said: The Basic Things You Need to Know About Reading and Studying the Bible helped me and my congregation to understand the Bible in a different light. The youth and young teenagers in our church are taking interest in reading the books as well, and they are now joining the rest of the congregation in regular Bible studies. 

*Benyehuda comes from the orthodox Banjara family. He and his parents used to worship idols. In 1996, a pastor  shared the Gospel with him, and he accepted Jesus Christ. Benyehuda thought he already knew a lot about Jesus, but he shared with us that the Basic Series books are helping him learn so much more about Jesus.

We are also happy that Pastor *Jonathan, has been blessed by the ministry of ServeNow. He has now decided to take a more active part in the scripture program by becoming an ambassador. He is helping ServeNow to reach out to more churches in his area by networking with various churches and introducing the ministry of ServeNow. Here are his own words: Greetings to everyone at ServeNow. I am *Jonathan, and I work as a pastor. I also run a small Bible school where I prepare 20 evangelists for this region every year. They go to the most rural areas of northern India for ministry. My church has been blessed by not only the Basic Series books, but also medical camps provided by ServeNow. The booklets help our church members to grow stronger in their faith and maturity in Christ. Even the pastors and leaders are learning new things from these books. I am glad to take up the role of an ambassador and help spread the Gospel!

*Prajwal is a very active member in the church. He used to attend the church’s Bible study regularly. When his pastor told him about The Basic Things You Need to Know About Salvation booklet, he was very touched by the words mentioned in the booklet about the love of Jesus Christ. It brought a change in his faith and he decided to get baptized. Now, with the help of these booklets, he is ready to share about the love of Jesus Christ with others.

 *Names changed for security purposes.



Last week, Reverend Moses and Lindon, the coordinator of the Basic Series, visited the Muuko zone in the Kiruhura district (western Uganda) for a two-day seminar. Until now, they had not received the Basic Series booklets, but during this seminar 10 English booklets and 20 Luganda booklets about The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus were given to those who can read. However, those who are illiterate also benefited, because Rev. Moses took time to teach from the booklet. He encouraged members to adopt the life and character of Jesus in order to change the world. He shared about Jesus’ humility and his love towards mankind, especially to those who are despised and rejected. Finally, Rev. Moses appealed to the church members to seek Jesus daily, because Jesus himself did nothing except for what he saw and heard his Father doing. The church members were grateful to receive these books, and the pastor of this church, pledged to lead members into studying these books weekly.

Ugandabasics2 Ugandabasics4 Ugandabasics3

The coordinator of the Basic Series visited three churches in the Kitongo Zone. Through The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus, members learned that Jesus was involved in ministry since his childhood; he read and knew what was written in the Word of God. Therefore, we should encourage our children to get deeper in the knowledge of God, no matter how young they are. Most believers had not known much about Jesus until they read the book. They confessed that through reading the book, they now know more about the Jesus they believed and are willing to follow him in every way.

The Basic Things - Uganda Uganda - Basic ThingsThe Basic Things - Uganda

We need your help, prayers and partnership to continue to equip believers in need around the world! Check out this page of our website to read more about the various aspects of our equipping program: Equip believers.

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