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The Power of Partnership: 4 Ways Community Efforts Reduce Expenses

ServeNow is committed to partnerships to fulfill our mission and vision. We do not seek to be a lone-star organization operating independently in God’s mission.

Let’s remember the creation story and our origin. There, we’re reminded how God never intended Adam and people like us to live this life alone. To be fruitful and multiply, we must put in the hard work collaboratively with God and others.

That’s why at ServeNow, we partner with people like you, national leaders, churches, and other organizations to accomplish Jesus’ instructions of the Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.”

Part of the most incredible privilege of being a disciple of Christ is that God wants to partner with us in everything we do, from big decisions to daily details. We’re invited into His mission field and used as vessels for Kingdom come. Read on to discover the power of partnerships and 4 ways these community-driven efforts reduce cost:

  1. Empowering Women in Nepal Through Tailoring and Winter Coverings Programs
      • Project Overview: For several years, ServeNow has sent early funding for winter coverings to Nepal. Women who have undergone or are actively undergoing our skill training, such as tailoring, help make hats, jackets, and pants for children.
      • Cost Reduction: By training local women to produce the three-set fleece winter coverings, we save on manufacturing and shipping costs. The project also provides income for these women, creating a sustainable economic cycle within the community.
      • Community Impact: Both initiatives protect children from harsh winters while empowering women by giving them valuable skills and a source of income.
  1. Giving Back Locally Through Our Bakery in Ukraine
      • Project Overview: Proceeds from the second bakery in Ukraine are used to make baked goods and cover the cost of our weekly bread distribution in partnership with a local church.
      • Cost Reduction: By generating income through the bakery, we reduce reliance on external funding operations and bread distribution. This self-sustaining model ensures that the project can continue without constant financial input.
      • Community Impact: The bakery supports local employment and provides affordable bread to the community, addressing food security and economic stability.
  1. Building Community-Backed Projects in Southern Asia: From Tailoring to Water Tankers
      • Project Overview: ServeNow collaborates with local churches in Southern Asia to provide facilities for tailoring training, and they even volunteer their time to construct water tanker projects.
      • Cost Reduction: Free facilities and volunteer labor significantly cut project expenses. These collaborative community contributions allow funds to be directed toward purchasing materials and expanding the projects’ reach nationwide.
      • Community Impact: These church partnerships foster a sense of ownership and pride within the community, encouraging long-term sustainability and local involvement.
  1. Equipping the Church Uniquely in Nigeria with The Basic Series Books
    • Project Overview: Two churches in Nigeria partner with ServeNow to distribute The Basic Series books, which effectively work as discipleship material.
    • Cost Reduction: Our church partners recently took financial responsibility for book launches. They also plan to eventually handle printing themselves, reducing ServeNow’s expenses and ensuring the project’s longevity.
    • Community Impact: Local churches’ investment in these discipleship resources enhances and empowers communities to take charge of their spiritual development.

These four examples illustrate how partnerships and community collaboration can significantly reduce costs and enhance the impact of ServeNow’s programs. By working together, we can achieve more and create lasting change in the communities we serve.

Please know that as a donor, you are an equal partner. Whether you are praying, giving, or volunteering, we cannot accomplish this mission without God and your involvement. Thank you for being a crucial part of this mission!

Together, we are faithfully fulfilling the Great Commission and making a tangible impact in people’s lives worldwide—all in the name of Jesus.