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The Story Behind The Basic Series

ServeNow’s Founder, Lars Dunberg, has served in global ministry for over 60 years in 88 countries worldwide. He has taught and trained thousands of pastors and leaders on every continent. Through the years, and in multiple organizations, pastors would approach him and say, “this training has been great for us, but what about for our people? They need something in small doses!

The idea of “small doses” played around in Lar’s head for a long time. When ServeNow began in 2013, a pastor conference in India invited Lars to speak. Last minute, Lars decided to print copies of the presentation material on The Basic Things You Need to Know About Jesus – the prototype. After the conference, pastor after pastor approached him and said, “this is exactly what we need…more topics like this in small doses!These basic books spread like wildfire. So, Lars began to develop more topics.

This turned into The Basic Series, 31 booklets focusing on basic biblical concepts in an easy-to-understand language. Each book wrote simply so that any education level can read and understand the foundational truths of the Christian faith. The Basic Series is also a tool for pastors and leaders in their discipleship efforts and their studies. For example, consider this recent testimony from a pastor in Benin, Africa:

The book about God gave me joy. It was an encouragement for me. Last year, I lost my wife and eldest daughter. But as I read this book in our Bible class, the book took away my worries in a way I cannot describe.”

The Basic Series is available in 45 languages and active translation work in more than 50 languages. There are over 1.25 million Basic Series copies printed and used worldwide! ServeNow even developed a Basic Series App on Android and iOS, which will reach thousands if not millions worldwide. In January 2022, ServeNow began a 15-booklet Leadership set designed for pastors and leaders. It’s because of God and people like you that these “small doses” continue to spread worldwide!

Your gift today will ensure foundational Biblical resources are in the hands of people in 20+ countries. Your support towards the Basic Series disciples new believers, equips pastors and leaders, and changes ordinary lives for eternity!

Please give generously, knowing that your gift will further impact and transform someone’s Faith globally.

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