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The Story of Jesus – Reaching Out to Children and Teens

Impacting Children Through The Story of Jesus

One important aspect in regard to the vision and mission at ServeNow is to reach out to thousands, even millions, of children and teens by introducing the Word of God. One way we do this is by using an illustrated comic book called The Story of Jesus that brings the Gospel to life. For the majority of the children we serve, this is the first Christian material they have ever had. On average, we have found that children share this book with at least 4-5 others. In 2015, ServeNow was able to provide 420,000 copies of The Story of Jesus to children in one country in Asia! This means nearly 20% of kids in the entire country will be able to see and read about a Savior who loves them1 This is an historic time in that particular country, as there were only 29 reported Christians up until 1952. But now, there is at least one church in every district! However, there is much political instability, uncertainty and challenges believers are facing there and around the world. (Identity within due to security).

From the first half of 2016 to the present, we are receiving very positive and encouraging responses concerning The Story of Jesus.

Here are just a few stories from January – July 2016:

It was amazing to see a 3-year-old boy share from The Story of Jesus booklet during Sunday school. He was so excited about it as he pointed out all the pictures! All the children received their own copy, and everyone said they want to share the booklet with their friends and family.

 1  2   

Sunita, one of the young recipients of The Story of Jesus, said: I had the opportunity to go through The Story of Jesus, and I am very impressed how this small booklet tells all about creation, salvation, and Jesus’ life and ministry on Earth. The booklet touches me, and it draws me closer to my savior. Thank you so much for providing this book to many children like me. I am also going to share The Story of Jesus with my friends at school. It is such a powerful tool to share the Gospel with the help of an illustrative book.


Reena lives in a village. She was a Hindu, but came to know the Lord Jesus through a believer in 2009. Since then, she has been a part of this fellowship and began to grow in her new found faith. Last time, when she received The Story of Jesus booklet, she read it thoroughly. She was amazed to learn that Jesus is truly real. Her faith in the Lord has strengthened, and now she boldly tells about Jesus to her neighbors.

We were invited to a conference where more than 130 pastors from 100 different churches were presented from different parts of the country. The pastors were very excited to receive the Story of Jesus for the children in their churches and communities. In total, we provided more than 10,000 copies of The Story of Jesus at this specific conference.


We also met with some of the children who had received our winter coverings. Since their new school semester has just started, we encouraged them to study, to daily walk with the Lord, and to share The Story of Jesus with their friends. They are happy to share the message of salvation with their family and friends. Most of them told us that this booklet has become the best tool to share with others about Jesus.

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Norbu, one of the children who received The Story of Jesus, said: I am from a Buddhist family, and I heard about Jesus a few years back. And now I got The Story of Jesus which is a very nice book. I really enjoy reading it and now I know more about Jesus. This helps me to tell my friends at school the story from creation to the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for this great book. Children like me really love this booklet!

22   21        


This summer, like the past summers, every child at the summer camps in Ukraine also received their own copy of The Story of Jesus! The older kids even received the full Action Bible. For many, these summer camps are the first time they hear about a Savior who loves them and then receive their own material to read about him more!

StoryofJesusUkraine StoryofJesusUkraine2 StoryofJesusUkraine3 StoryofJesusUkraine4

One child, Vlad is 12 years old. His parents were both soldiers when the war in Eastern Ukraine broke out.  Sadly, his dad was killed in the war. Vlad misses his dad very much, and his mom has to raise her son by herself. The camp was very good for him. After one of the Bible lessons, he expressed his wish to have his own Bible, which we were able to give him!

Ukraine - Vlad

Spreading the Gospel Through Partnerships

We value partnerships with other organizations in bringing the Gospel to children across the world. Through another partnership, we are working together with Operation Kid-to-Kid, one of the world’s largest outreach programs for children. They are one of the driving forces in mobilizing children to serve other kids in need. At ServeNowwe use the Operation Kid-to-Kid booklets at our lighthouse centers, among other places.

operation kid to kid 2  operation kid to kid 1

Another partnership, while still in its early stages, is using CBN’s Superbook program in certain slum settings where video will be a real treat and tool to engage youth, children and even adults. Superbook teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend.

Superbook 2

One of our lighthouse centers has already introduced Superbook; the children love it!

India 4

Also, ServeNow developed a booklet called God’s Love for You which is to be used for various children’s programs such as Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps and Sunday schools. During the summer months, many children have received the God’s Love for You booklets; most of them are from the slums and do not know about Jesus. This is a great opportunity to introduce these children to the love of Jesus. Children and teenagers alike enjoyed the booklet they received.

Gods love for you 1  Gods love for you 2

To help share the hope found in God’s Word with more children and adults around the world click here: God’s Word for God’s People.

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