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Thirty Nepal Tailoring Students Have Graduated!

I am happy to share about the graduation of our Tailoring School. It was great moment to see thirty high risk women graduate from the job skill & life skill training provided by ServeNow. It was also special to note that there was a 100% success rate as not one of the women dropped out during the six months long training!

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They all were very excited to see this day and some of them became so overjoyed that they began to cry with happiness! The Chief Guest, Social Development Officer, Mr. Ram Hari Neupane from District Development Committee which is now called District Coordination Office said, ‘I would like to congratulate all the graduates. This is a great opportunity for you to get free job skill training and gift of sewing machine. Many organizations spend their funds on meetings & planning but this organization has spent all the funds to actually uplift the life style of the general public, especially for the high risk communities by investing for such needed job skill training. I am happy to see the success result of this training. The organization has worked in good & transparent way for the betterment of marginalized communities. I would like to appreciate Mr. Arjun Dhakal & his team for their tireless effort in making a difference in the communities.’


One of the graduates, Bishnu Kumari shared in the Graduation ceremony, ‘I was in great need of such a training but didn’t have the ability due to several reasons. We were very unskilled women, in fact, we didn’t even know to use a needle! But now we are very happy to wear the dress which we sewed by ourselves for this graduation ceremony. We are now very confident to run our own tailoring shops to generate income to maintain our family. Now we do not need to be dependent as we have skill and a sewing machine. We are so thankful to ServeNow Nepal for providing us such a valued training, sewing machine and creating awareness against human trafficking. We are committed to work as a community watchdog for our own community, thank you for opening our eyes and saving our precious lives from being lured by the traffickers.’


One of the journalist, Mr. Shishir Simkhada said, ‘It is a great pleasure to take part in the precious program which is directly benefiting the high risk women from marginalized community. I highly appreciate Mr. Arjun Dhakal for taking such initiative to work for the transformation of previous lives in the community. These women are not only got training but they have learned how to sustain themselves financially and protect from being trafficked.”

We wish to thank all of ServeNow’s generous donors who made possible this training, awareness and the gift of a sewing machine for each of the graduates. Please pray for each of these women as they now begin their own business and tailoring shops to generate income for their families, future and even community!

To enable ServeNow to train more young women at risk click here: Provide Skill Training for Women at Risk.

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