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Time is Now and Time is Short!

Dear friends,

Just yesterday, we woke up with snow on the ground. Yet, last week, it was almost 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). Every time I see snow, I am reminded on Paul’s words to Timothy; Do your best to get here before winter! (2 Timothy 4:21).

The more I look at the world, the more I realize that time is short. The world is dealing with political turmoil, multitudes of refugees in the world, wars, and not just militant Muslims, but also militant Hindus. Just this week,one of our ServeNow staff members was going to attend a large conference in India, held on the organization’s own property. However, it was cancelled by militant Hindus, supported by the police…it suddenly became winter in that part of India!

In Nepal, there are those in government who fight hard to pass a bill where sharing the Gospel would become a criminal offense. If the current proposed bill were to pass, foreigners found guilty would be imprisoned for three days and then deported. Nationals would be sentenced to five years in prison and fined fifty thousand rupees (over $450 US dollars).

We live in a time where the window of opportunity is shrinking. The message of hope, salvation and life transformation needs to be sped up! The Church of Jesus Christ around the world needs to mobilize, because our time is short – winter is coming.

There is such a receptivity around the world to the good news, despite new anti-religion laws, more militancy and political turmoil. May ServeNow become a grass roots movement for the Gospel, bringing a positive change and transformed lives, one person at a time, before winter freezes over their hearts.

*We would love to talk more with you or your church about partnering together to fulfill the Great Commission and serve those in greatest need. Please feel free to contact us. We are grateful for your prayers and partnership. If you would like to give a generous gift to ensure needs continue to be met and the Gospel spreads around the world check out our donation page and give in the area that most touches your heart: Invest Today!

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  1. […] We have also identified (and have had requests) from more areas of great need within the countries we are already in. For example, there are several places within India we would like to partner with and we see potential in. However, we do not know how much longer we may or may not have to carry on work in India with the current administration. Time is short and the time to serve is Now (read a memo here from our president). […]

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