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Top 10 Humanitarian Crises To Care About Worldwide

Each and everyday evil unfolds globally. In the US, tragic stories unfold left and right in the news. Sri Lanka battles an economic crisis. Russia’s war in Ukraine impacts innocent citizens globally. Across developing countries, food and fuel crises begin to rise. All around the world, crises that break His heart continue to happen and it makes us wonder. Where would Jesus go to comfort those mourning, feed the 5000, or heal the sick in our world? That’s where ServeNow aims to serve like Jesus amid ten humanitarian crises head-on:

  1. Ukraine – Fastest-Growing Refugee and IDP Crisis
    Russia’s War on Ukraine prevails, impacting 8 million internally displaced with 6.7 million refugees. Our National Director, Tanya, continues our mission through Places of Hope, Food Distribution programs, and the Basic Series. Your generous response rescued 1000 people out of cities under attack. There are still ongoing resources needed desperately!
  2. Nigeria – Christian Persecution and Vulnerable Children
    Extremely violent persecution threatens Nigerian Christians, especially those in northern Nigeria. Over 50,000 to 70,000 Christians have died in violent attacks in 18 years. The Basic Series continues to evolve in Nigeria with hopes to expand and serve the most vulnerable.
  3. Sri Lanka – Economic and Government Collapse
    This country faces the worst economic crisis. Murderous protests demanded government resignation. Inflation has a 240% markup on food, leaving it unfeasible to afford necessities. This bankrupt nation faces shortages of everything, crippling its people. ServeNow provided a container full of medical equipment as severe shortages lead to scarcity. Our Joseph Project helps Sri Lankans start home gardens or chicken farms to provide food stability. Your support aids vulnerable people facing starvation and needing medical aid.
  4. Ethiopia – Civil War Leaves Million Homeless
    ServeNow Ethiopia launched in 2022. Scarce data shows the exact number of homeless households in Ethiopia. But our National Director figures the civil war left many widowed, thousands orphaned, and thousands traumatized. Over the Orthodox Easter, our Food Distribution program supported 50 internally displaced families. Our team on-site will continue to enable resources for The Basic Series, Food Distribution, and Micro-Enterprise opportunities.
  5. Yazidi Refugee Camp – The Nightmares of ISIS
    Iraq’s Yazidi people faced the terrors of ISIS and genocide. Over 4,200 to 10,800 were kidnapped and held captive. Militants burned down displacement camps. Young girls are forced into marriage and bearing children. More than 500,000 Yazidi refugees are living in the land of wilderness. You can show a loving God who has not forgotten them through Food Distribution, The Basic Series, Skill-Training, Kid Sports Camps, and more details.
  6. Myanmar, also known as Burma – Coup Gains Reign
    Another country is burdened with a political crisis that impacts civilians. After a general election, a military coup seized the country on February 1, 2021. Citizens demanded a re-run due to claims of widespread fraud. Violence protests spread across the country with deaths and arrests. As summer approaches, southeastern Asia experiences record-breaking heatwaves. ServeNow responds generously with humanitarian relief. Our partners needed a generator for their orphanage to help with electricity outages and dangerous heat levels.
  7. South Sudanese Refugee Camp – One Million Living in Uganda
    There are 4.3 million in need of humanitarian assistance from South Sudan. This includes refugees, IDPs, and asylum-seekers. It’s estimated that one million South Sudanese refugees, vastly women and children, fled the brutal three-year civil war. ServeNow partnered with a Sudanese Refugee Camp in Uganda, which provides humanitarian relief, education, and biblical training.
  8. India – Constant Persecution and Record-Breaking Heatwaves
    The second most populated country with 1.3 billion citizens. The religious breakdowns to 80% Hindu, 14.2% Muslim, and 2.3% Christian. There Christians face persecution attacks under Anti-Conversion laws. In addition, the Indian parliament amended a law to restrict the finances of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). No national law legalizes Christianity, but violent acts of persecution attack Christians. Sky-rocketing heat waves and lack of clean water hurt country-wide. Our team outstretches our hands to the most vulnerable with water relief. Your humanitarian support will quench the thirsty through our Clean Water program.
  9. US Mexico Border – Influx of Legal Migrants
    From April 2019 to today, ServeNow’s partner pastor served 25,000 legal immigrants with 8,000 decisions to follow Christ. The groups are not criminals but fled from corruption and violence that endangered their livelihood. Our partnership provides migrants with a warm meal, new clothes, a word from the Gospel, and prayer.
  10. Developing Countries – Inflation Impacting the Poor
    Over 25 years extreme poverty declined steadily. It’s estimated that 1 in 6 children or 356 million globally lived in extreme poverty before the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic, it’s believed to have worsened significantly and setback more families into extreme poverty. Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of The World Trade Organization warns, “smaller supplies and higher food prices mean that the world’s poor could be forced to do without.” While the US faces high inflation and hurts, think of the many more impoverished communities facing setbacks. Our heart breaks as inflation impacts vulnerable communities worldwide.

Each and every day there is a living God among us who shares the burden of brokenness. As the body of Christ, you can help further impact these 10 humanitarian crises worldwide. As a Christian non-profit, our mission aims to share Christ’s passion for the world by serving the most vulnerable. Whether it’s in word or deed, ServeNow is committed to serving the most vulnerable just like Jesus!

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