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Two More VBS Programs Yield Fruit

This last week more than 100 kids in the age group of 7 to 18 from remote villages in Asia participated in a two-day camp we had in partnership with the local churches in two different states at their church premises. More than 70% of the children from this entire group have never been to Sunday school as most of them are from a non-Christian background!  Along with the book, certificate and finger-crafts, each of the children carried a copy of Story of Jesus to their home.


Even though it’s a very hot summer, the children’s enthusiasm beat that heat. The children enjoyed learning Bible stories from the book in their classes/groups. In both the places we had teachers from the church who helped in teaching and guiding the children in different groups. The story of creation and Jesus coming into this world to save mankind was quite new to some children. All the children thoroughly enjoyed coloring the work-sheets in the book and making crafts.

The biggest thing is that the kids have confessed their life to Jesus and almost everyone believed in Jesus as their personal Lord. The local pastor is very thankful to ServeNow for helping to have the VBS in their village to help his Church to grow as these children will be pillars in the church in the days to come!”

Hemalatha, a 10 year old girl came for the first time to the VBS. She shares her joy with us “I am studying in 4th grade. I came for the first time to the VBS camp and I was so excited how the camp will be. Camp is very nice. I like songs very much and I learned many songs. I enjoyed doing coloring. I like this booklet very much that is why I will tell all the stories to my friends and help them to know who Jesus is.”


Rajani is 18 years old. She came to the Lord through her brother who works as a sales-man in a medicine shop. In her family only these two are believers and quite young in faith. She says, “When I heard about the VBS I was very excited and looked forward to attend this. I thank Jesus for helping me to participate at this VBS. I am a new believer in Jesus, so every lesson that was taught in our group was very helpful to me. I enjoyed the action songs and also the activities. I thank ServeNow for conducting this VBS for us.

Muskan  I came to know about the VBS through my father who is the pastor. In our house church we do not have Sunday School. So I always had a desire to attend a children’s camp. I had no idea how the VBS was going to be, but after attending this VBS I am so glad that I did. I was able to understand the Bible lessons because our teacher taught us in a simple way. The activity part further increased my knowledge since I got involved in drawing and coloring the pictures and writing the answers in the book. I am also thankful for giving me the beautiful story book – The Story of Jesus.”

Madhumita (13 yrs old): “Although we have a small Sunday School in our church, I never have had the privilege of attending a children’s camp before. When it was announced in our church that there will be a VBS conducted by the ServeNow team I was very happy to know that and told my friends also to join with me in this VBS. We traveled 30 kilometres (to & from) daily to attend the VBS. But it was worth traveling, or else I would have not received the blessings I got from this camp. Besides learning beautiful Bible stories from the classes and doing nice activities and crafts, I gave my heart to Jesus and decided to follow Him. Though I knew the song ‘I have decided to follow Jesus’ this time I sang it meaningfully. The finger craft taught me about how to read the Bible and how to pray every day. I am very much indebted to ServeNow for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to come to Jesus through this camp.”

*To make possible programs like these to impact children’s lives click here: Children’s Lighthouse Centers.

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