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Uganda Classrooms

Through January 2016, ServeNow has been offered a matching grant for $31,900 to build an entire school building for orphaned children in Uganda! We have already received some gifts, and we are a little over 10% of the way there!

At the end of 2014, our founder and president (Lars Dunberg) and I were in Uganda and stood on a pile of dirt. A classroom had once stood on that particular spot, but it had collapsed while the kids were in session. Other classrooms have since then collapsed as well (a roof blew off during a storm, while class was in session).


We are grateful that none of the children were injured, but many more classrooms are on the verge of collapsing and have been condemned by the government.

BuildingUganda  BuildingUganda2

The night after our president and I stood on that pile of dirt, we sent out an e-mail to some of our friends; now, a new and better constructed building has been built. As school started again last week, the kids were able to enjoy meeting inside their new classroom for the first time!


There is a need for about 40 more classrooms for the 3,000 orphaned/disadvantaged children we are partnering with. Education is their only hope and ticket out of poverty. Yet without a classroom, the children won’t be able to receive an education. These children have dreams; dreams to become teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers and pilots. In fact, children that have already gone through the school system are currently working in all of these fields and more!

Would you help us today to make their dream a reality? You can give here to help complete the building of another new classroom: Build a Classroom.

You can visit our Uganda Classroom page and read more in depth about the situation here: Uganda Classrooms.

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