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Ukrainian Refugee Providing Skill Training for Other Refugees!

There are almost two million refugees (or “internally displaced people”) in Ukraine because of the war in the east and Russian occupation of Crimea. All of them face difficulties in finding a place to live, separating from relatives and changing friends. But the biggest challenge is to find a job. From personal experience, I can say that having a long-term job gives you confidence and takes away some fear.

One of best ways to help refugees is to teach them some skills and provide a job. This would truly be a long-term solution and will help their whole families as well.

During the last three years, the population of Irpen (just outside of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine) has doubled, mostly because of refugee families. We have had a dream to train a group of refugee women in manicures, pedicures and also shellac. After their training, they would have the opportunity to be employed and earn a living.

In the past week, this dream began to become a reality! We had our first meeting with a group of women, mostly from Eastern Ukraine who had to flee due to the ongoing fighting. We are now even dreaming and praying that God might allow us to open a beauty salon next year if funding allows, to provide these women with employment.

Let me share a story of Luda, the refugee that will be providing this training to the other refugees. Her family moved out of Crimea right after the occupation began. Back in Crimea she had a very specialized job in telecom. This made it almost impossible for her to find the same job in a new city. She had to take on a few low-paying jobs before she came to the point that for her future job, she needed to learn new skills. So with other people’s help she had some “nail service classes” and quickly found a job. Now she is one of the best in her work place! But she also has a desire to help other women, in a similar situation she was once in, by teaching them new skills.

Please pray for Luda – for God’s wisdom in making all decisions and for our new students as they begin their training!

***ServeNow continually sponsors skill-training classes in Asia and Ukraine in the areas of tailoring, cosmetology and baking. There is an ongoing need for sponsors of students. To help sponsor the skill-training of a refugee or woman at risk, please click here: Skill Training.

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