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Update on Nepal Lighthouse Center

Over the past couple months the children being served at a ServeNow Lighthouse Center in one of the worst slums in Kathmandu, Nepal have continued to blossom. This center especially focuses on providing tutoring for kids who had previously dropped out of school or were behind in their classes. Here are some recent testimonies that show their progression over the last few months:

The children have completed their final exams of school! It is such a joy to see the improvement in their studies. One of the most beautiful stories revolves around three sisters. Melina, Manisha and Malina are from a home where prior to the center, they had less opportunity for study due to poverty and gender discrimination. However, since attending the Lighthouse they have drastically improved in their study. Both Manisha and Melina got the highest grades in their classes on their final exams and Malina had the second highest in her class! All had over 90% and Melina even received a 98.7% in her final exam!


This reality even changed their parents thinking about having girls, now counting it as a blessing to have daughters. Melina was presented with notebooks and a prize at our center for her grade and was so happy!


This week, we also celebrated the birthdays of all the children whose birthday falls on this month. This was their first time to cut a birthday cake. It was so precious to see the seven children cut the cake together! We shared the love of God and prayed for them. They seem so warm to have the extended family.


The children are very excited with their new classes! They seem so eager to come to the Lighthouse with their school assignment and learn so many things such as: academics, art & crafts, hymns etc. The parents of these children express their gratitude for molding their children from bad behavior to good. They further said that when these children started to come to the Lighthouse center, they noticed the changes in the lives of children. Some of the parents said that before their children seemed disobedient and never paid attention to their studies but after attending the center, their behavior has changed which makes them so happy.

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The children are excited to restart their new sessions. One of the children, Rasmila said, “It was very hard for me to get the satisfactory grades on the exams and I was hardly promoted to the next grade. But since I have been attending the Lighthouse center, I am very excited to see the good marks on the exams. While seeing the result, my family and school teachers were amazed! I love to come here every day as this center has become a blessing for me & my friends in many ways. I would even like to come 7 days a week. While seeing the improvement in my study, I want to be a Teacher in future.”


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