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Urgent Clean Water Need

Recently, there have been several news articles about how India is facing its “Worst Water Crisis in its History.” 600 million people, half of India’s population, is being faced with this crisis. 200,000 die every year because of lack of water or unclean water.

Padma for example, is a widow with three young children. She tries to provide just enough for her family of four, but there are times when her family must go without meals. She is also forced to collect water for the family from a nearby pond which has been drying up over the past several years and is contaminated. She cannot afford to buy clean water for her family and children.

Will you partner with ServeNow so we together can immediately provide clean water to at least 1,500 people (400 + families) in the next two weeks? In addition, we have an opportunity to provide at least three large water tanks for three villages as a more long-term solution, as this crisis will not go away anytime soon.

It costs $4,000 to provide immediate water for each of the 400+ families (1,500 people)…just $10 a family!

A further $1,500 will provide each of the three villages ($500 per village) with a large water tank for a more permanent solution.

In addition, there is tremendous need for medical clinics in the same locations. Additional funds may go towards this and other urgent needs.

To donate online immediately click here: Clean Water.

To mail a check, please send ASAP to: 5225 N. Academy Drive, Suite 206, Colorado Springs, CO, 80918.

Thank you for partnering to serve those in need now!

***ServeNow has been providing clean water to people like Padma over the last few summer months when the water crisis is at its worst. We do so through national church partnerships in a way that not only meets this physical need but provides opportunity for believers to share how Jesus is the “Living Water” desperately needed for our souls.

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