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The Value of the “Basic Series” Foundation Books

It is truly amazing all the testimonies and impact we have rolling in each week from the ServeNowBasic Things You Need to Know” series of foundational and discipleship booklets! However, despite this being at the very core of everything we do and are about, it is the area we have the hardest time securing funding for. If after reading these stories that came in just this week, would you consider a gift to help us print and get more of these booklets into the hands of people, churches and pastors like the ones below?


Pastor *Joseph, told us the following: “Today as I receive the third book in the series on Salvation, I, on behalf of my church would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for these booklets to reach believers in the churches where materials like these are scarce and mostly unavailable. These books have helped the new believers in my church to know more about Jesus and has communicated to them things that even pastors like me have had trouble communicating. The one on Reading and Studying the Bible has impacted the lives of believers – both old and new greatly. The new believers have learned how they need to study the Bible and the old believers have learned what they had been doing wrong. Every person who has read these books has grown stronger spiritually and I as a pastor of the church am very happy to see that. I pray that my church will be blessed immensely through the subsequent booklets and I hope that ServeNow is able to continue providing these booklets for the spiritual growth of the church.”



Pastor *Matthew received the booklet on Prayer for his church just recently. Here is what he has to say about The Basic Series materials. “When I first came across The Basic Series booklets in early 2016 and glanced through the first book on Jesus, I knew that this was something that my church needed to understand the Bible well. Sometimes there are things in the Bible that one can find difficult to understand without someone’s help. These series are perfect supplements for a Bible study which helps believers understand the teachings of the Holy Bible. The availability of these materials in different languages make these booklets even more impactful. In my church, I have believers from different language groups like Nepali, Hindi and Bengali. I had never received any material that were available in all of these languages so many believers have had to miss out on some biblical resource materials. Through these booklets, believers in my church have shown tremendous spiritual growth and some young people have even expressed their desire to work for the Lord. Personally to me as a pastor too these books have had a great impact. The series has helped me to present some pretty complex theologies in a subtle way to the believers which I think I could never have done without help from these booklets. I thank ServeNow for their ministry and hope that in the future we will continue receiving these booklets and be blessed.”


Pastor Samuel was one of the pastors with whom ServeNow had partnered in the past with children’s materials and winter coverings. He shared, “What we have come to know about ServeNow is that ServeNow has been helping people – from children to adults to grow spiritually by proclaiming the Gospel and Word of God. They are showing the Love of Christ. Last year I have seen ServeNow providing sweaters to the children and blankets to the elderly. All the people and children were very happy to receive these.  Through the winter coverings, a few people from Hindu families came to the Lord! What I understood about ServeNow is if we are in touch with them, we will receive booklets for church growth and also we will benefit with other programs of ServeNow. After the winter covering distribution in the church, villagers were surprised and asked questions if pastors also do these kind of things? So we have a positive response from the villagers. So I really thank ServeNow for conducting the winter coverings in our village.”


Pastor *Daniel is a young pastor working in a rural area. He told us the following:“In the rural villages where I minister, we have many Hindu people and lot of unbelievers. In order to reach them we need books like the ones that ServeNow is providing. These kind of books will help them to know the truth and come to Jesus. So I request you to send as many books as possible to help the ministry. Thank you.”



We also visited a school in a village where we had been requested, by the principal, to provide a copy of the New Testament to all the 200 students in the school! Along with the Bible, ServeNow also gave them a copy of each of God’s Love for You – the children’s Sunday school material to be used during the Bible classes.



Pastor Eli, was one of the pastors who attended a recent pastor training meeting and was very excited about being a part of ServeNow’s ministry. He shared, “I really praise God for this day. Today we got a lot of ServeNow literature at a pastors meeting. I really praise God for these booklets. We have 1,000 people in our community who do not know Jesus and have not yet accepted Jesus as their personal Savior. So I am so happy and know that God has sent ServeNow. Through these books we may share God’s love to the unbelievers. I believe that through these booklets many will know the Christ and grow in spiritually. I also request ServeNow to provide more literature so that we can do more ministry with the help of them. We can see their lives transformed and bring to them the knowledge of Jesus. So I again request to provide many books so that we can distribute to those who worship so that they come to Jesus, the one true and living Savior! Once again thank you so much.”



A pastor in Uganda shared the following: “Through these books, members have come to know Jesus in detail. Most of the members didn’t get an opportunity of being discipled with such basic information when they confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, but we thank God for the truth revealed to us, the understanding and knowledge we have received. Now we can challenge and change the world with Jesus whom we have fully known, through his origin, character, endurance, challenges, lessons he taught, the victory he attained and authority he gave us. We feel in our hearts the fire of evangelizing so that people may know Jesus and what he did for us. I bless the Lord for the author for such a wonderful message.”


In another church, members have been thoroughly studying the booklet on Jesus. The book taught members to know the will of God before doing any task and making major decisions in ministry and general life at large. Also patience and Kindness as Fruit of the Spirit touched the lives of members.  Learning from Jesus, members were encouraged to be patient and have faith until the coming of Christ. I observed these books have exposed members to biblical truths and how a Christian should live their life for Christ.


In yet another church, most of the church members are illiterates and in their illiteracy they care less about studying or reading anything – the Bible included, but after receiving these books in December 2016, the pastor took time teaching members in every church service. This caused a desire among members to know more and as a result, they got some copies from the pastor and started family fellowships in which their educated children could read for the families. This has encouraged members to fellowship, increased their faith in God, devotions and commitment is seen towards the work of God. The pastor therefore glorifies Jesus for such a great transformation among the church members.

***To enable us to print and provide these invaluable resources to more people, pastors and churches, you can donate here: Yes, I want to bless more like these today with The Basic Things Series!

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