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Village Visited by Doctor for First Time!

In spite of considerable development in various aspects, India still has communities that do not have access to basic necessities like electricity, proper sanitation, water and healthcare. ServeNow visited one such village where a doctor has not set foot for the last twenty one years, which is since the inception of the village!


The elderly, women and children had been eagerly waiting to receive medical treatment and free medicine. Most of the people living in this small community of around 100 families suffer from skin ailments and various water borne diseases due to the polluted water source. Because of ServeNow, around 110 people from this village received a free general checkup and medicine to last them for some time. The joy in the faces of the elderly could not go unnoticed. ServeNow’s medical clinic at their doorstep meant that they would not have to travel for more than 20 kilometers to reach the nearest health center. The journey, a considerable part of which involves walking to the nearest bus stop, is something the villagers prefer to avoid during the summer months when the heat becomes unbearable.

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We visited Mallaiah, one of the village elders. He and his wife were sick and bed ridden. They were overjoyed when the doctor visited them at his doorstep. He told us, “I have been suffering with a lot of health problems and cannot afford the money for treatment in the city. Thank you ServeNow for providing free medicine right at my bedside, even though I could not walk up to the camp venue.”

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***Did you know it only costs $350 to provide a village of up to 200 people with a free medical clinic and medicine? Imagine living all your life having never seen a doctor and not being able to afford even the most basic medicine! YOU can make it possible for people to be cared for by a doctor for the first time! To help sponsor a clinic, click here: Sponsor a Medical Clinic.

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