What We Do

At ServeNow, we serve in a variety of ways, but with one main purpose in mind: seeing people’s lives touched and transformed by the love, power and word of God! We do not replace the local church, rather we come alongside local churches and both assist with the process of discipleship within their congregations as well as to reach out and serve their communities that others might come to hear, know, receive and believe the Good News! Check out the various ways we accomplish this and consider what part you have to play in helping fulfill the Great Commission around the world!

Serving People in Need Worldwide

Have you ever wanted to help young girls at risk be protected from the evil and horror of human trafficking/prostitution? What if you could be the means through which people could be treated by a doctor for the first time in their life? How about caring for orphans as God has called us to? How about knowing that the elderly and children who may freeze to death in Nepal/Northern India where wrapped in a warm winter coverings? You can ServeNow!

Assisting the Church Globally

Equip churches with the Word of God and the “Basic things You Need to Know” series. Provide training and even bicycles to pastors in need. Be the means through which children hear of Jesus for the first time and see the “Story of Jesus” come to life before their eyes! There are millions of adults and children waiting to be equipped with the Word of God. It becomes their treasure and it doesn’t cost much…but the value is eternal!

Providing Hope for the Future

There are those around the world who live every day without any hope. They live in a place where poverty, human trafficking, and child abandonment are the reality. ServeNow continually works in several countries to combat these atrocities. By teaching women marketable skills, to providing classrooms and safe havens for women and children to live and learn, we can make a difference and spread the truth of the gospel: that there is hope in our Lord and savior.

ServeNow is a not-for-profit charity under IRS code seciton 501(c)3 based in Colorado Springs, CO. ServeNow is funded by individual donors, foundations and churches. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. ServeNow is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), signifying a commitment to the highest standards of fiscal responsibility.