MediaServe is now a division of ServeNow

The mission of MediaServe is to advance the Kingdom of God by producing and distributing innovative Christian literature and other media materials.

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MediaServe has been pioneering Christian literature projects around the world for the past 20 years.

Donate to MediaServe's Current Projects

Donate to MediaServe’s Current Projects

  • The New Testament in Oromo
  • The King in 3 local Ethiopian languages
  • The Secret of True Life in 5 local Ethiopian languages
  • The King in Urdu
  • The Prophets Speak in Mizo
  • The New Testament in Luganda
  • The New Testament in Farsi
  • The Secret of True Life in Farsi
  • The King in Farsi
  • The Bible in Hmong

Countries MediaServe Is Involved In

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MediaServe's Merger with ServeNow

Click any of the red countries below to learn more about how MediaServe is working around the world.

MediaServe, a British charity, has recently merged with ServeNow, a global non-profit organization with projects in India, Nepal, Sweden, Uganda, Ukraine and USA. ServeNow is a global organization, focused on “Serving people in need by caring for orphans, widows, underprivileged children and youth as well as equipping the Church for greater fulfillment of its ministry and providing humanitarian assistance where needed.”

“In 2013, as soon as ServeNow’s first projects were launched, we realized that we needed New Testaments and Bibles in different languages. Having worked in the “Bible world” for most of my life, I knew immediately where to turn to: Frank Arthur, the founder of MediaServe, based in Uppsala, Sweden. We had worked together about 25 years ago, which was before he started an organization that publishes Scripture materials in a variety of languages, at low cost. Yes, Frank had what we needed, and we purchased many New Testaments for India and Nepal.

I could never have dreamed that, in early 2016, Frank Arthur and his board would hand over their entire worldwide ministry to ServeNow. Thus, ServeNow, through MediaServe, now provides Scriptures in faraway places such as Burma, Ethiopia and China, just to mention a few. Currently, we have at least one Scripture portion published in 48 languages. Together, we are also trying to meet the needs among refugees, especially in Europe. Plans are now in place for the production of Scriptures in Farsi, Arabic and Somali. There is nothing more solid than God’s Word as the foundation for all we do, whether in church, in our mission, or in our daily lives. That is why it is such a joy for ServeNow, together with MediaServe, to provide Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture booklets to people in the world who have never known God’s Word; these materials bring hope and life, and people realize that God does indeed speak their language as well.”


Lars Dunberg

International President, ServeNow