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Each summer, ServeNow hosts camps for orphaned, disabled, refugee and impoverished children in Ukraine and Vacation Bible School programs in India, in conjunction with local churches. For most children, this is a chance of a life-time and a summer of a life-time! It provides a safe place for them to simply be children, to make new friends, to open up about their life to caring staff and team members, and to learn about a Savior who loves them. Come join us! The only qualification is that you have the ability to give plenty of hugs during the camp or VBS!

“My family had to move to a refugee camp because of the war. My dad is away in the army. I miss him and think of him a lot. Sometimes I am afraid for him. I loved this camp! I enjoyed the activities, games, crafts, and time with the other kids. I also learned about how much Jesus loves me and how he takes care of us.”

Karina, 9 years old, Ukraine

“I traveled 5 hours to come to this camp! I saw it as a great opportunity since I have never left my village or attended any Christian event. I am going to go back after this camp to share the Gospel with my family members! I enjoyed the worship sessions at this camp very much!”

Guarav, 14 years old, India

“I am 10 years old. My father died in the war last year. Our family is very poor. I have never been away from home before. This was my first time at a camp! I had never even seen a swimming pool before! I was so happy to experience all the activities! I loved the beautiful mountains and made many new friends.”

Karolina 10 years old, Ukraine

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About Summer Camps

Ukraine Summer Camp Impact 2018

Seven-year old Masha lives with her family in a war zone and it was a challenge to bring her to camp as the family is on a limited income, but thanks to being sponsored she was able to come! Since the war began five years ago, the children haven’t seen anything different. At camp she learned that God is with her always and that Christ can give her abundant life, as well as hope and peace in her daily life.

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Last Ukraine Summer Camp Stories of 2017

Sofia is raised along with her siblings, by her mother. From the moment when the war broke out in Donetsk, the family came to the free territory of Ukraine. But the plan to start a new life failed. They came back and continue to live in occupied Donetsk. The shelling continues in the city and people live without confidence in the future. Sofia saw the shelling of residential quarters and came under fire when she was in the hospital. She saw the death of children and adults. Sofia liked the fact that there is peace and no shooting in the camp. She really liked nature and it was her first time in the Carpathians. She liked to weave bracelets and is doing it everywhere now! The camp gave her peace and quiet and the sense of security.

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Second Ukraine Summer Camp Stories

Marina, 11 years old: This family has four children. Their father killed their mother. But the father was not imprisoned or deprived of parental rights; he was admitted as beyond of the scope of justice. The father misuses alcohol, he doesn’t look after himself or the children. The older brother takes care of the kids. He dresses them. The children rarely visit their home; there is dirt, and nothing to eat. They always return with lice to the orphanage. For the first time in her life Marina went hiking and climbed to the top of the mountain. She did not want to go home at all.

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