Water for Life

During the summer months, the Indian states of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh can have temperatures up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit! In many villages there is no air-conditioning. The drinking and ground water is polluted. Many water facilities dry out in the heat. About 80% of diseases in these areas are caused by the absence of clean water and consequently the consumption of unclean water. Hundreds of people die every year for lack of water. Local churches have cried out to us: “Help us minister to these thirsty people!” Therefore, through the local church, we provide families with clean drinking water during the hottest months of the year . Many not only have their physical thirst quenched, but also begin to drink of the “Living Water” that Jesus promised for those who “thirst!”

“I live alone in this small room. I often feel disconnected, even isolated from the rest of the community. I am crying because I am so thankful for this clean water provided by ServeNow! No one has ever come to my home to help. I have never felt such love and care before.”

Teresa, India

“I am paralyzed and unable to fetch water. When I send other people to fetch water, sometimes I get clean water and sometimes I don’t, but I cannot complain. Yet this summer, ServeNow provided clean drinking water for the whole month at my doorstep. I did not have to worry about getting water-borne diseases. I am very grateful to ServeNow. God bless you. Please come next year also.”

54 year old man, India

“I am 23 years old and the only Christian in my village. Along with my pastor, I have been sharing the Gospel in my village. This water program helped bridge the gap between the church and the villagers as they were recipients of the love of the Jesus in action!”

Manjula, India

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About Water for Life

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600 million people, half of India’s population, is being faced with this crisis. 200,000 die every year because of lack of water or unclean water. Hepsi for example, is a widow with three young children. She tries to provide just enough for her family of four, but there are times when her family must go without meals. She is also forced to collect water for the family from a nearby pond which has been drying up over the past several years and is contaminated. She cannot afford to buy clean water for her family and children.

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Meena, a 24 year old married woman, who stays in slums, shares that she lives in a joint family of 9 members. She and her husband work as a garbage collectors. Sometimes they work as daily laborers. Every day they work very hard to meet expenses, Meena shares “I am very happy for the ServeNow water program. We used to have a water problem, we are used drinking dirty water, now we are able to get clean drinking water.”

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