Winter Coverings

Each winter, the temperatures drop below freezing in Northern India and Nepal. In rural areas and in the slums of major cities, little children run around wearing hardly anything. Their parents and grandparents have no warm clothing or blankets for themselves or their children and no means to heat their small homes. Thousands die each year because of the cold weather. For just $15, we are able to provide a blanket and/or other winter coverings (socks, jacket, pants, knitted hats etc) to the most vulnerable! Not only will the young and the old be wrapped in warm clothes, they will also experience the love of God.  It doesn’t cost much to save a life!

Story from Nepal Mission Trip

In January of 2016 ServeNow led a team to Nepal to provide winter coverings for people in desperate need. This particular winter was worse than ever due to the ongoing ramifications of the earthquake that struck back in April of 2015. Many are still without homes, let alone winter coverings. In one village, the team waited for a group of 200 kids who walked 4-5 hours down a mountain by foot (many without sandals or shoes). They came with no winter clothes and no food in their stomach. In the winter they actually dig holes in the ground just to try to keep warmer. They could never imagine being able to afford or purchase the hat, fleece jacket and pants the team was able to provide them that day! After being fed a filling snack and drink (many of them didn’t even know how to open a soda bottle!) they walked back up the mountain to their home, with their stomachs fuller and body warmer! The simple things that many of us may take for granted can be a matter of life and death and make such a big difference in others lives!

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About Winter Coverings

More Heart-Touching Winter Blanket Stories

Kistavva, a 62 year old woman shared, “I had two sons and daughters. Seven years back I lost my husband because of a health problem. After that my elder son died with another health problem and even my second son died in an accident. With these incidents my daughter became depressed and died in 2016. Now I live alone. A few years ago, a tumor appeared on my face which has been growing ever since and I do not have the resources and the energy to treat it. My relatives don’t come to meet me as they think that I am unlucky and that is why I lost my husband and children. In this condition I cannot afford a warm clothing for winter. I really thank ServeNow for this great help.

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The Difference a Simple Blanket Makes

In one week alone ServeNow was able to help 500 young and old receive warm winter coverings. People walk miles just to receive a blanket. One elderly lady said, “It’s already getting cold and I have been shivering all the way here. I shall keep myself warm with this blanket on my way back home which is a 40 minute walk from here.”

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Winter Coverings – Delivering Love and Hope

In India, every winter millions of people struggle in extreme cold temperatures, resulting in countless deaths. In fact, winter is the second largest cause for death as a result of a natural disaster. In the last couple of years, more than 15,000 people died from exposure to the cold, and thousands of others were at risk, especially the young and the old.

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