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What you need to know about the Holy Work Center

Over 360,000 Yazidis, primarily women and children, live in refugee camps as internally displaced persons. Nine years ago, the Yazidi Genocide happened. The Yazidi people survived traumatic attacks, displacement, and abuse by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ServeNow recently began relief aid serving the most vulnerable through the Holy Work Center in Iraq. This 5-story building near a Yazidi Refugee Camp helps others find a safe space to discover or grow their faith. It is a mecca for worship sessions, counseling, Bible studies with The Basic Series books, prayer meetings, children’s activities, and more. Since opening, we’ve already seen God at work!

For example, a young boy barely in kindergarten patiently waited by himself for the doors to open. After waiting a half hour, our local team welcomed this precious little one. Then more children trickled in! Thanks to generous people like you, this center provides a safe space for little children and the most vulnerable to come to Him.

We’re proud to provide a safe space, sharing Christ’s love and hope with those who’ve deeply suffered. If you are passionate about serving vulnerable children and refugees in the Middle East, please consider a gift to support this critical center. A tax-deductible gift of $3,500 helps operate the Holy Work Center for one month.

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