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What’s ServeNow Doing In Ukraine Still?

When the war broke out in Ukraine, many people fled their homes and communities in search of safety. The constant sounds of gunfire and explosions made it impossible for them to live their lives peacefully. For the people who stayed behind, life became a daily struggle to survive.

Since the conflict, ServeNow has been actively serving the most vulnerable communities with life-saving relief. From evacuations to nourishing food, our team and volunteers have refused to abandon their communities. They’ve stayed to help their neighbors and provide them with the support they needed. One of those people was Maria, a dedicated volunteer with ServeNow’s Food for the Hungry program.

Maria knew that in times of crisis, it’s easy for people to leave or run. But she also knew that Jesus never leaves or forsakes us. She wanted to serve like Jesus in the middle of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Every day, Maria and our team of volunteers prepare hot meals and distribute them to families in need. They also provide prayer and emotional support to those who were struggling. Their generosity serves as a physical reminder of Christ’s love in the midst of the war!

Through their efforts, children and adults in distress experience Jesus’ relentless love. They felt that they were not alone in their struggle. They know that there are people who care about them and are willing to help them.

Maria and the team’s work is a testament to the body of Christ’s powerful compassion. Even in the darkest of times, there are those who refuse to give up on God’s love for the world. ServeNow Ukraine’s volunteers serve as beacons of hope and remind us that Jesus’ love will always overcome the darkness.

Please consider your role in feeding the hungry and serving like Jesus. You can empower Jesus’ love in a time of darkness! Every gift of $5,000 serves 600 people one month—that’s as little as $10 a person with ready-to-eat food.

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