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Why ServeNow’s Summer Camp in Ukraine?

Bringing Normalcy to a War-Torn Childhood
Russia’s ongoing war on Ukraine has left a devastating impact on the lives of over 7 million children. They face daily struggles that no child should endure:

  • Trauma from witnessing violence
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Displacement from their homes and community
  • Interruptions in their education

These traumatic experiences leave deep scars, robbing them of the simple joys and carefree moments that should define childhood. The long-term effects of war impact a child’s development, as well as their mental health. It also impacts their overall safety and well-being. Did you know that during emergencies and armed conflicts, children are more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and trafficking?

That’s why ServeNow is actively responding to and serving the most vulnerable in Ukraine, especially children. Right now, ServeNow’s Summer Camp in the tranquil Carpathian mountains offers these children a sanctuary from chaos. Here, they can immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, engage in playful activities, and, most importantly, experience a sense of normalcy that has been missing from their lives. In this serene environment, children can laugh, play, and momentarily forget the harsh realities of war, fostering a much-needed respite for their minds and hearts.

Fostering Meaningful Connections
In today’s digital world, genuine human connections and mentorship are more crucial than ever. ServeNow’s Summer Camp is not just about fun and games; it’s about building lasting relationships. Our camp connects children with compassionate local churches and dedicated volunteers who provide much-needed friendship and mentorship—all while pointing kids to Christ!

These volunteers are more than just supervisors; they are mentors who listen, guide and inspire. They offer a shoulder and an understanding heart to lean on, creating a support network beyond the camp. This nurturing environment helps children develop trust and feel valued, knowing they have people who care deeply about their well-being and future.

Discovering Purpose and Hope
One of the most profound aspects of ServeNow’s Summer Camp is the opportunity for children to hear and embrace the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. In a world where they have experienced so much loss and uncertainty, the message of unconditional love and purpose offers hope.

Camp leaders share stories of faith, love, and resilience, helping children understand that they are not alone and that their lives hold significant purpose. Knowing they are loved by God, the Creator of the Universe, instills in them a sense of worth and belonging that can transform their outlook on life. This spiritual guidance is not about imposing beliefs but about offering hope and a foundation upon which they can build their future.

Your Support Makes a Difference
By supporting ServeNow’s Summer Camp in Ukraine, you contribute to a cause beyond temporary relief. You are investing in the emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of children who desperately need it. Your support helps provide a safe space for them to heal, grow, and find joy amidst their challenging circumstances.

Together, we can bring normalcy back to their childhoods, foster meaningful connections, and help them discover their purpose and hope through Jesus Christ at Summer Camp. Your contribution, whether through donations, actively praying, volunteering, or spreading the word, can make a profound difference in the next generation’s lives.

As we are 10 days away from summer camps, your prayers are coveted:

  • Accommodations for the Holy Spirit’s presence to cover every inch in advance so children experience God’s love tangibly in this restful environment.
  • Travel for smooth and safe travels without delays, disruptions, or complications. May everyone reach their destinations safely and on time?
  • Safety protection over everyone involved in summer camps and overall across Ukraine. May they all be kept from harm and be surrounded by a shield of divine protection in every situation they face.
  • Prepare Hearts ultimately, we ask God to prepare all  170 children to hear and receive the Gospel message. Even in the most challenging circumstances, Jesus Christ and the hope he offers can transform kids’ lives.

You can also financially support ServeNow’s Summer Camp in Ukraine to join this incredible journey of healing, hope, and life-transformation through Jesus. Every gift of $450 sponsors one child in need. Let’s stand with these children and show them that even in the darkest times, God’s light and love are present and that we, the body of Christ, care.

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