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Your Impact on Pastor Acondé and the Church

Let’s take a moment to talk about church growth! Your support can help pastors worldwide, just like Pastor Acondé in Benin. With the incorporation of The Basic Series discipleship material, his church grew from 10 to 70 people in just six months. This is truly a testimony of God’s work, and we praise Him for it!

When asked about The Basic Series books, Pastor Acondé said, “They have timeless values. When used well, the results are guaranteed. These are not books to use one time and store away. They are meant to equip the Church in a special way. The growth in our church is already evidence of what the Lord is doing, and we simply need to be faithful in our efforts.”

Pastor Acondé’s Church was planted in the place of a group of devil-worshippers, and today, it stands solid. Even the head of the village, who decided to follow Christ, is an active member. This is a testament to God’s transforming power, even in Voodoo-practicing countries where the heart of the people is being moved by Christ. And you are a part of this story! The Tokpota Church in Benin is another example of what the Lord has done and will continue to do through your generosity.

Thank you for your crucial role in equipping the Church. It’s truly because of generous partners like you who are helping make disciples of all nations. And honestly? We cannot do this without God and your faithful support. Without your contributions and God, it wouldn’t be possible. Right now, please take a moment to invite God into this story and your role in it. You can take action in two ways: by taking on God’s spirit of adoption.

If you have the funds, please consider supporting Pastor Acondé and The Tokpota Church with The Basic Series books. Every gift of $175 per month will help a pastor like Acondé and his Church receive vital discipleship material. Please note that two generous partners will DOUBLE your gift today, as The Basic Series match still has $100,000 left to go. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to support the work that God is doing in Benin and worldwide.

Secondly, we ask that you pray for Pastor Acondé and The Tokpota Church. Unfortunately, the house church can no longer hold all the congregation members, and Pastor Acondé is now praying for $2,500 to purchase a small piece of land to continue reaching the local community. In the United States, this may be either lot of money or very possible donation on your behalf.

Just like you, our hearts root for the grassroots pastor like Acondé, who works tirelessly to share God’s love with others. We hope that this story is truly evidence of your impact through ServeNow, and we encourage you to continue supporting the work that God is doing around the world. 

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