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Your Impact on Rachana

Around the world, women and children are among the most vulnerable populations. They experience a disproportionate disparity in health, education, and poverty.ServeNow’s mission is to share Christ’s passion for the world by serving the most vulnerable through nationalchurches and leaders. In one program, we empower vulnerable women to Jesus’ promise of a fulfilled life through various skill development programs.

With ServeNow’s upcoming skill-training graduation, we can’t help but share how you made a difference in Rachana’s life! As a young woman, Rachana grew up in a small village in Nepal. She had always dreamed of more in life, but she had no idea how to do so and it felt impossible. 


I once felt completely lost in life; lacking education, skills, and direction. It seemed like an endless tragedy, and there was no clear path forward. I was trapped within the confines of my limitations as if life had imprisoned me in a small, dark space with no way out. However, my life took a positive turn when I discovered ServeNow,” Rachana said.

One day, Rachana stumbled upon a flyer about ServeNow. She was immediately intrigued and then signed up for our skill-training program. Rachanna attended the 6-month-long tailoring training and developed a natural talent for sewing. Day in and day out, she worked hard and learned everything she could. By the end of the program, she had acquired the skills she had always wanted. But it’s not just about skill development, there’s more to this story!

Rachana shared, “Through their tailoring training program, I acquired the skills I had always wanted. Today, I can confidently create clothing according to my preferences, and I’ve even generated some income from this newfound skill.”

With her new skills, Rachana created clothing and even generated some income from this newfound skill! For the first time in Rachana’s life, she was proud and self-sufficient. Today, Rachana’s story is a testament to your positive impact through ServeNow’s skill training programs on vulnerable women around the world.

Thanks to ServeNow, Rachana found direction and purpose in her life. She felt empowered and confident. She knew that she could achieve anything she set her mind to. Through our various skill development programs, we’re helping women overcome the disparity in health, education, and poverty that they often face.

One at a time, God uses your generosity to write a story and testimony of life change! Because of partners like you, Rachana achieved her dream and stepped out of a vulnerable life. As the body of Christ, let us continue to invest resources to share Jesus’ promise of a fulfilled life and God’s plan for their lives.

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