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ServeNow works around the world in a variety of ways according to the need, with the goal of seeing lives transformed by God’s love and Word. If you believe in the mission of ServeNow and would like to make a donation, giving to the general fund (Where the Need is Greatest) aides the most in fulfilling our vision and mission. It allows ServeNow to be more flexible in focusing on whatever is most pressing at the time. Alternatively, if your heart is drawn towards a particular project, we encourage you to donate towards that cause. You can view our various projects below. Click on any of the images or links to go to the donation page and learn more:

Current Focus

Below are some ways you can donate that we are currently focusing on. Our focus changes according to project needs, seasons of giving, and global emergencies.

Serving People in Need

Have you ever wanted to help young girls at risk be protected from the evil and horror of human trafficking/prostitution? What if you could be the means through which people could be treated by a doctor for the first time in their life? How about caring for orphans as God has called us to? How about knowing that the elderly and children who may freeze to death in Nepal/Northern India where wrapped in a warm winter coverings? You can ServeNow!

Assisting the Church

Equip churches with the Word of God and the “Basic things You Need to Know” series. Provide training and even bicycles to pastors in need. Be the means through which children hear of Jesus for the first time and see the “Story of Jesus” come to life before their eyes! There are millions of adults and children waiting to be equipped with the Word of God. It becomes their treasure and it doesn’t cost much…but the value is eternal!

Providing Hope for the Future

There are those around the world who live every day without any hope. They live in a place where poverty, human trafficking, and child abandonment are the reality. ServeNow continually works in several countries to combat these atrocities. By teaching women marketable skills, to providing classrooms and safe havens for women and children to live and learn, we can make a difference and spread the truth of the gospel: that there is hope in our Lord and savior.

Other Areas of Giving

You can also support ServeNow’s mission to help spread the word of the Lord by donating to the following categories:

Amazon Smile

By clicking this link, ServeNow will receive 0.5% of the price of all their eligible purchases. We recommend that you bookmark and use this link so you don’t accidentally shop at instead of Only purchases made at are eligible for donations to ServeNow.

My Legacy Planner

Experts say that 70% of Americans do not have a current will or estate plan. Does your estate plan take into account the most recent tax laws? My Legacy Planner will not only allow you to assess your current situation, but will also provide you with a thoughtful framework as you prepare to meet with your attorney or financial advisor.

Donate Your Change

Today, when you go to the grocery store, dine at a restaurant or make a purchase with a checking or PayPal account or credit/debit card, you can be giving to ServeNow. When you sign up to create a Donate Your Change RoundUp Giving account and direct your giving to us, you’ll give automatically every time you spend.